A Romantic Mountain Love Story

There's something about these mountains that hold such mystery and wonder. This little piece of heaven is called Highlands, North Carolina and is exactly the place you're looking for to elope. Full of charm and beauty, Highlands has much to offer. From the raging waterfalls to the rocky mountain tops there's no doubt you'll fall in love with it. Only around a 2 hour drive from both Asheville, NC and Atlanta, GA, it's nestled right in the corner where North and South Carolina meet the Appalachian hills of Georgia.

Caylin and Austin's love story began as high school sweethearts and has only grown through their college years. Both having grown up in in the mountains, they wanted to run away somewhere dear to their hearts. With the countless trails and scenic overlooks we had tons of spots to choose from on this cloudy day in May. So we drove all over the place on that sweet evening. A few rain drops started to fall at one point but they never soaked us.

So if you're considering getting hitched in the beautiful area of Western North Carolina, don't let anything get in your way of doing so! Let me join you in helping all of your elopement dreams come true. I'll be your photographer, hype girl, location guide and timeline creator! I'll also lead you to some of the top notch wedding vendors in the area for all of your other wedding + elopement needs. Don't forget to check out The Old Edwards Inn to get the most out of your stay while in Highlands.

Locations for this elopement were all in Highlands (mentioned from start to finish):

  • Bob Padgett Tulip Poplar Tree (Rich Gap Rd.)
  • An abandoned rock quarry (literally right off the side of Horse Cove Rd.)
  • Rhode's Big View Overlook of Whiteside Mountain (Hwy 64 driving towards Cashiers)
  • Satulah Overlook (Hwy 28 driving towards South Carolina)