The Perfect Couple and a Vintage Car

When Julia and Brett came up with the idea that they wanted to incorporate some kind of old car into their photos, I jumped on it! I've been lover of classic cars since I was a little girl. So to have the opportunity to photograph this freakin' fun couple along with this car was a dream come true. To top it all off, the couple was dressed to the nines in their vintage-inspired attire. From Julia's silky white off-the-shoulder dress all the way to her playful heels. Oh, and can't forget those lovely Prada sunglasses. This bride-to-be was rocking it! Then Brett in his sleek, dapper suit... they were definitely looking the part.

As we were beginning to plan this photoshoot, I reached out to a wonderful local couple about using their pristine 1968 Pontiac GTO for this session. We drove to the top of Black Rock Mountain State Park and that perfect, end-of-summer mountain air wrapped around us. The clouds created a painting for us in the sky as they met those mountain tops where I call home.

The affection that these two have for each other is a rare sight and will fill anyone's heart to see how they look into each other's eyes. What a pleasure it is to photograph some of the most in-love couples.